12 Organic Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Bars

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12 Organic Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Bars


Macalat begins with a gold standard 70% organic dark chocolate recipe, stone ground and artfully tempered.  In Europe, it is called “Coverture” chocolate.  The Cacao is Single Origin Peruvian.  This indigenous Cacao has a distinctly reddish color, and an equally distinctive complex taste, which includes flavors of caramel, malt, toffee and floral aromas.  Skillful fermenting and roasting brings out aromatic flavor notes and deepens others.  Heirloom Peruvian Cacao is an excellent foundation to create an authentic, decadent, sugar-free and bitter free dark chocolate.

Macalat is formulated with ingredients and protocols that eliminate the very need for sugar without sacrificing taste. The inclusion of phytonutrient dense super foods to balance, enhance and sweeten the Cacao is the wizardry.  There are unrecognized synergies of these newfound ingredients that bring out the natural sweet flavor as well as provide a natural energy boost.

Lucuma and Maca, also from Peru, enhance sweet caramel and malt flavor notes.  In Peru, Lucuma is known as, "Inca Gold" and is highly revered.  Lucuma marries well with Cacao, similar to the way dairy is used in milk chocolate for caramel flavor.  Maca deepens the Malt tone.  Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon and Monk Fruit support the sweet floral aromas.  Fermented Maize crystals provide grist for the mill and gentle sweetness. Andes Pink Salt strikes the tantalizing chord of toffee.

Macalat is stone ground for 60 hours, producing a velvety smooth fusion. The aromatic flavors and phytonutrients release and the relentless shear of the stone wheels drive off the more volatile bitter notes.  This is called "couching" or "air washing".  In this Cauldron of refining and equilibrating, alchemy happens.  The outcome is an incredibly smooth sugarless organic dark chocolate with the rich flavor of Peruvian Cacao and the full potency of bio nutrients totally available.