Chocolate Syrup – Low Carb, Sugar Free, No Preservatives

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Chocolate Syrup – Low Carb, Sugar Free, No Preservatives


 Chocolate is the world’s best topping for anything sweet and sometimes even certain things savory–yeah, we’re looking at you, chocolate covered bacon. Make a cheesecake? It tastes even better with chocolate drizzled on top. Eating some ice cream? You want a decadent chocolate syrup on top. Have some strawberries on hand? They’re practically begging to be covered in a chocolate sauce.

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Chocolate Syrup - Low Carb, Sugar Free -Description

With ChocZero's Honest Syrup Chocolate flavor, we put the same chocolate from our sugar free chocolate squares directly into a bottle then added some coconut oil to make it the perfect consistency to pour onto your desserts and other culinary creations. This is our thickest syrup by far and it's the perfect addition to any sugar free sweet treat!

Heat it for some hot fudge sundae action or enjoy it as it is out of the container. It's the chocolate topping to write home about: not only does it taste great, it also has no preservatives and no artificial sweeteners.

  • A decadent sugar free chocolate syrup using real cocoa liquor and premium cocoa beans.
  • No preservatives and no filler: unlike most syrup on the market, we don't use water to dilute our syrup making it the best syrup around!
  • Staying away from sugar? Our syrup has a low glycemic index and contains NO SUGAR or NO SUGAR ALCOHOLS and NO SUCRALOSE. We use monk fruit exclusively to sweeten it making it perfect for a healthier way of eating. Cut sugar, keep the sweet.
  • Rich, fudge-like texture that works great for a dessert topping or when added to beverages.
  • Low carb, GMO free, all natural. Contains no artificial sweeteners.